Imagine feeling better after only 1 month of Dr. Ted's Advice!

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, and tachycardia. On top of that, I have been suffering from Celiac Disease since childhood but it went undiagnosed until about 12 years ago. I also have several severe work related injuries.

A year later, I had decided to go to a Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue specialist. I had to sign a contract for a year and pay over $6000.00 for a year’s treatment. I was taking up to 72 prescriptions and supplements a day. The prescriptions I had to pay for since I did not have any insurance at the time. After all the money spent and the many drugs that I was prescribed, I was not any better and I felt worse than ever. I was at the complete end of all hope. I prayed not to wake up in the mornings. I hated my life. I could not stand the pain any more. I could not stand my life any more. I read an article in the newspaper about Dr. Ted Suzelis. I figured that I had already spent almost $10,000.00 on doctors just trying to get some relief from the horrible pain. I called and made an appointment. I didn't have to wait long to get in or to see him. Well, I am very surprised at the quick results that I have been experiencing. Imagine feeling better afteronly a month of following Dr. Ted’s advice! The more that I learn from him the more confident I am that when I reach a year of treatment with Dr. Ted, I know I will be the me that God intended me to be, not the sickly, wanting to die person that I was for much of the past 10 years.

Thank you so very much for your wisdom, Dr. Ted!

- DL, Warren, OH *

Dr. Ted Suzelis has changed my life.

Dr. Ted Suzelis has changed my life. Before I went to see him, I had been having chronic migraine headaches for years. When I came to him I had had a 24-48hr migraine with mild headaches through the week for 5 consecutive weeks. They were so bad I could only lay on my couch with the exception of getting up to vomit. My two children had to take care of me, my house was a mess because I could not keep up with the physical demands of cleaning it, and my husband had extra stress put on him when he got home from a full day of work, when there was no dinner, etc. To say the least my headaches were a huge disruption to my family which is my life. I was growing very discouraged thinking I may have to suffer from these for the rest of my life. After taking a prescription pain reliever that gave me horrible side effects , I knew that the answer was not to cover up the pain but find the cause of it. I was inspired to go see Dr. Suzelis, and I'm so glad I did! During the first visit he tested all my organs and systems with technology I wish more people knew about. He then recommended the supplements (with no harmful side effects) that would best assist my individual needs and bring my body to a balanced state. He also put me on a blood type diet. The adjustment in my eating was a bit of a challenge at first, like any change in life, but now it just comes very easy and natural to me. I gave up some of my favorite foods, the same foods that use to put me on my couch in severe pain. I am happy and proud to say I am now headache free! I no longer live in fear of when my next headache is going to come and I have much more energy. Our family is healthy and joyful. What a relief, the difference between night and day...Thank you Thank you Dr. Ted.

- CE, Rome, OH *

I am absolutely thrilled!

Dr Ted, I am absolutely thrilled! As you know when I first came to see you I had been exercising regularly and watching what I ate. My cholesterol report in August of 2004 was 256. The physician I was seeing wanted to put me on cholesterol reducing pills. I did not want to take them. After taking supplements of flaxseed and borage oil my cholesterol was down to 226 in December of 2004. Then I came to you for advice and started the blood type diet. I am an “O” and was about 90% compliant with the diet when I got the results of my last report. I am extremely happy to report that from changing to the blood type diet for just 5 weeks my cholesterol is now 193 and my triglycerides are also normal. I am so happy and plan to stay on the diet and off the pills!!! Thanks so much for your help.

- KM, Youngstown, OH *

He is so nice and makes me feel so at ease.

I have been a patient of Dr. Ted's for almost 6 months, and I think this is long enough to get a good idea of how he and his office staff function. Being a patient of Dr. Ted's has been a breath of fresh air for me. To begin with he is so nice and makes me feel so at ease. I can ask him any question, and he never makes me feel as though the question is stupid. He is extremely competent, scientific, and open minded. If there is a naturopathic physician that can help close the gap between conventional medicine and naturopathic medicine, it is Dr. Ted. He is extremely open minded. Dr. Ted has helped me with digestive difficulties, inflammatory problems, and allergies. I am feeling better than I have in the past two years. If I am discouraged when I walk in his office because I may have had a set back, he encourages me. I leave his office feeling better than when I first came in. I also like the fact that he monitors my progress with his electro-acupressure technique. He doesn't play a guessing game. He can show me how my body systems are responding to treatment. His office staff is very cordial and pleasant. It is so nice to pick up the phone and have a pleasant person to talk to. His online store of supplements has been an asset also.

- DM, Wierton, WV *

My life has totally changed!

Dr. Ted has helped me tremendously with my stomach issues. I am 46 years old and had been having stomach problems since I was 18 years old when I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome! My medical doctor prescribed medication for my problem which I took everyday until I decided to have children which at that point had stopped taking the medicine. During and after my pregnancy all my problems were back again. I did not want to go back on medicine so I just suffered with my problems. Someone suggested that I go see Dr. Ted which I did! My life has totally changed! Dr. Ted put me on some vitamins and also started me on the Blood Type diet. I am totally cured! I follow my diet everyday and enjoy life symptom free! I would highly recommend Dr. Ted to anyone suffering with any type of problem if you want to change your life!! Thankful!

- LJ, Cortland, OH *

[My son is] medication free enjoying life like a 16 year old should thanks to Dr. Ted Suzelis.

When my son and I walked into Dr. Ted’s office three years ago he suffered from extreme depression and anxiety attacks. He would sit in a corner with a blanket over him afraid of the world. He would talk about suicide. He wouldn’t leave the house unless I was with him. He was 13 then. Now he is 16 and medication free enjoying life like a 16 year old should thanks to Dr. Ted Suzelis.

- KL, Ravenna, OH *